Monday, January 25, 2010

Bucimis and Sandansko Horo are both classic Bulgarian dances with wonderfully complex rhythms.

Bucimis is a Thracian dance from the Pazardzik region of central Bulgaria. Dance styling is low and flat footed, with small steps and a constant bounce. The rhythm is 15/16 (QQQQSQQ) - four quick beats followed by a standard shirto (SQQ) rhythm.

Sandansko Horo is from the town of Sandanski in the Pirin (Macedonian) region located in the southeast corner of Bulgaria. The knees have a slight bend, the upper body is erect, steps are small and light. The rhythm is 22/16 (QQQSQQQSQQ) - two standard daichovo (QQQS) phrases followed by two quick beats.

These are challenging, quirky, driving rhythms - fast and relentless, but so very fun and exciting to dance!