Monday, February 4, 2013

We've been learning some great dances on Monday nights in Petaluma:

  • Pustanka - a lively dance from the Bitola region of Macedonia, in 12/16 rhythm (SQQSQ)
  • Agadelcha - a Yemenite-style Israeli dance choreographed by Israel Hakovee in 1979, done to a lovely Shabbat melody
  • Kritiki Syrto - a vigorous and fun Cretan syrto variation taught to us by Nadav Nur
  • Hora Miresii - a lovely Rumanian women's dance, taught by Gary Anderson
  • Troirou - a really fun, arm-swinging Greek circle dance from Boyialiki
  • Talima - a two-pattern dance from the Dobrudza region of Bulgaria

Note that videos are posted in the Dance Video section of this blog for Pustanka, Agadelcha, Hora Miresii, Troirou, and Talima.

Coming up this month, I'll be teaching and/or reviewing these dances: Diuzko (Greece), Dipat (Greece), Kolomeyke (Yiddish/Klezmer), Ina Ina (Rumania) and Liljane Mome (Bulgaria).

Beginners and newcomers are always welcome; come join us!