Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's been exciting to welcome so many new students to Monday night dancing in Petaluma! The first half hour of class have been dedicated to teaching, doing quick reviews, and dancing favorite beginning dances including Kokonjeste, Boreasca, Narodno Horo, Lo Ahavti Dai, Rumalaj, Cocek, Ketri Ketri, Ivanica, Adje Jano, Koritsa, and Andro Retourne

 We've also been learning several great intermediate dances: Tikfesto and Mori Odajo Sarena (Greece), Esmer (Turkey), Cicovata and Isu Byala Nedo (Bulgaria), Mindrele (Rumania). Coming up in the next few months will be t'Smidge (Belgium), Giovarlandum (Greece), Retko Kolo (Serbia), and Mojo Mambo (U.S.)

Newcomers, beginners, and drop-ins are always welcome in both Petaluma and Point Reyes Station.