Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dance for Kids!

Every summer I have the great pleasure of teaching folk dancing for kids at my local summer camp. I've developed a repertoire of dances from all over the world that work for kids ages 6-14. 

I look for certain basics - fun lively music, lots of stomping and clapping, easy step patterns, and cultural diversity. And I always give myself the liberty to simplify and modify as appropriate. Here are some of the dances my kids love:
  • Singing' in the Rain (U.S.)
  • Syp Simeon (Russia)
  • Zemer Atik (Israel)
  • La Mariposa and Chilili (Bolivia)
  • Zimbole (South Africa)
  • Huayno (Peru)
  • Cupid Shuffle (U.S.)
  • Chicken Dance (surprising, originally from Germany)
  • Macarena (Spain)
  • Hukilau (Hawaii)
  • Hoe Ana (Tahiti)
I've been teaching long enough that kids returning to camp come up to me and request favorites. And, living in a small town, one of the very best things is when I run into one of my kids in town, and they point to me and say "that's my dance teacher!"

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to some tips about teaching kids, or if you'd like me to come and teach a workshop.