Your brilliant teaching over these years has enabled me to learn all these great dances that I am so happy to dance.  You are a gifted dance teacher. 
Rae Levine

This class has been such a joyful experience for me, and I can see much improvement in my memory, stamina and balance since I first began! Really, Carol, I thank you very much.
Marilyn Gaines

It was such a pleasure to be there and I like your teaching style - clear instructions, shoes that are easy to see what you're doing (and you even hold the skirt to make it easier to see), and best of all, your enthusiasm and love of the music.
Mary Adamson

Carol Friedman's love of folk dancing is evident in the way she teaches. Her obvious pleasure when the class has mastered a dance encourages me to want to attempt more complex dances. Her patience when anyone has difficulty with a dance is commendable. She will take time to breakdown a dance so that success is eventually achieved. She is open to suggestions from the class and will send us links to music or videos of the dances we are learning. I can't speak too highly of her.
College of Marin student evaluation

Thanks so much! I have finally learned dances from your teaching that I have been trying to learn for years.
Carole Hyman

Can't wait for classes to start.  Have tried to join other groups but "no one does it quite the way you do"
Aneta Kanis

Thank you for teaching. I can hardly wait to dance with you again. I felt so much that you "held the space" for me to fit in, learn, and grow. I am so honored to be part of your wonderful class.
Sondra Schwartz

This class is the best way to start each week.
Gloria Cote

Thanks so much for coming to teach us again - great dances with a great teacher made for an enjoyable evening
Davida Munkres

Thank you for the excellent party we had last Monday in Petaluma. It was great fun and great music. The dance moved along so fast it was over before we knew it, very well done!
Bill Cornelius

Because of you, a whole bunch of us have had a wonderful time learning, exercising and dancing! Thanks, Carol –
Steve Ayala

Thanks for a wonderful semester. We so appreciate your skills both dancing and teaching, and the spirit you bring which fills the room. We are joyful!

Eve O’Rourke

I love this class and its instructor. She makes folk dancing fun and enjoyable. She is an excellent teacher and COM is lucky to have her.
College of Marin student evaluation.

You are fun and have an instinct that makes the complex attainable and the simple refreshing and uplifting.
Lesley Orford

Thank you for keeping this wonderful extended danced family going and teaching these great dances.
Judy McVey

What a fun night - and you are a GREAT teacher!! I loved the music, and being introduced to the steps.   I really loved the class.

Kim Thompson

It was a fantastic class, wonderful group. Thank you so much for making it happen!
Anne Germanacos

Just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed the class - mention it to all my friends!
Lisa Zaslove

Thank you for teaching Dzangurica at the California Folk Dance Federation Officers Ball. You presented your dance concisely and clearly, which made the subtle rhythm easy to master. It's an Yves Moreau dance that needed re-teaching, and you did it so well.
Denise Heenan, California Folk Dance Federation.

Dance with Carol is so fun!
Culla Galaher, Dance Palace Camp

You have created a wonderful warm dance community. Thank you!
Evelyn Nitzberg

I am enjoying the class so much. I love your teaching! It's so clear and I love the cultural information you provide.
Peggy Chipkin

Vera and I would walk many a mile in order to dance with you and everyone here.
Will Aubin

Monday nights would be so boring without you and our wonderful class. You add so much to all our lives! Blessing and love-
Martha Wall