Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Serbian Cacaks and more in November

I had a great time teaching Yves Moreau's Dzangurica (a favorite dance in Petaluma) at the California Folk Dance Federation Officers' Ball in October!

In November, I'll be focusing on Serbian Cacaks. The word "cacak" means "dirty mud." There are many variations from different towns, but all Cacak-style dances are in 2/4 rhythm.  I'll be teaching a basic 10-count Cacak from Vranje that I learned from Alex Markovic at Balkan Camp,  the 12-count Zaplanjski Cacak, and Sandy's Cacak which has an unusual 17-count phrase. And I'll also be teaching Bregovsko Horo - this is a Bulgarian dance from the town of Bregovo which is right near the Serbian border, and it's essentially a Cacak with a classic 10-count  phrase but some uniquely Bulgarian styling.

Coming up in December:
All-review night on December 2
Annual Holiday Folk Dance Party with live music on December 9