Saturday, October 12, 2013

Israel, Russia & Albania: Four Fun Dances for October

Monday night dancing in Petaluma continues, and we're learning some great dances! 

Coming up this month:
  • Zuz Mitzad Letzad - a lively and fun contemporary Israeli dance choreographed by Yaron Carmel in 2007; I particularly love the translated lyrics - "Whoever is dancing will get respect, and if you don't know how then it's time to learn, move from side to side, whoa whoa."
  • Shir Al Etz - an older Israeli favorite in waltz tempo danced to a beautiful traditional Yiddish melody
  • Ya Da Kalinushku Lomala - a Russian women's circle dance
  • Valle e Rrajces - Nadav Nur will be coming on October 17 to teach this Albanian dance introduced by Steve Kotansky at Mendocino Folklore Camp
And note that Santa Rosa Vecherinka will be providing live Bulgarian and Macedonian music for our annual Holiday Folk Dance Party on Monday, December 9, 7-9:30 p.m.