Thursday, October 14, 2010

In both the Point Reyes and Petaluma folk dances classes, we are learning Aj Lipo Ti Je, a beautiful Croatian circle dance in front basket hold. The dance was taught by Zeljko Jergan at the Statewide Festival in June. The song is sung while talking to and from a field or party; the lyrics say "it's nice to seed wheat but nicer when you see two in love."

We're also learning two dances from Macedonia (Changulovo and Elerinka), a very aerobic dance taught by Yuli Yordunav at Balkan Camp (Boaliysko Horo), a Rumanian classic (Vulpuita), two Israeli dances (Al Sadenu and Maria), and a lively Serbian cacak that was danced by Michael Ginsburg at a Balkan Camp party (Padez Cacak).

From 7-7:15 p.m. in Petaluma, I am teaching/reviewing one beginning dance from the repertoire each week. So far, I've gone over Setnja, Rumalaj, Vodeno Horo, and Gori Mare. The week of October 18, I'll be teaching the lovely Rumanian Dance, Hora Mare. Beginners and newcomers are always welcome to join both classes.