Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dancing into Spring

Daffodil blooming, dancers dancing!
As we move into spring, I'll be teaching some more great dances. 

In Petaluma we'll be learning:
  • Darkeinu - a lovely lyrical Israeli dance choreographed by Gadi Bitton
  • Homey Twist - one of my favorite funky Urban Soul line dances
  • Ikariotikos - the classic island syrto that I learned from the locals when I was in Ikaria in 2007

Plus Sue Williard will be coming to teach some Yves Moreau classics on March 10, and Nadav Nur will teach Hora Lautareasca on March 17.

And at the College of Marin:

  • Narino - a favorite Turkish dance I learned from Ahmet Luceci
  • Plataniatikos Nero - an island syrto from Samos
  • Shourch Bar - to a great new tune by Raffi Madoyan