Saturday, July 11, 2009

I spent last week at Balkan Music and Dance Camp up in Mendocino where I had the opportunity to take dance classes with Joe Graziosi (Greek), Michael Ginsburg (Macedonian), and Yuliyan Yordanuv (Bulgarian). There was also fabulous live music for dancing every night - the photo on the right is of the Rhodope song/dance circle, with folks dancing around a whole group of gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe) players. I learned many wonderful dances - including Skudrinka and Zensko Pousteno from Macedonia, new versions of Paidusko and Tsamikos from Greece, and Gruchkoto which is currently very popular dance in Bulgaria - that I will be teaching when classes start up again in the fall. Monday night dancing continues in Petaluma through August 10; the Wednesday class in Point Reyes continues through July 22.

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