Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrate April Fool's Day by folk dancing on Monday, April 1, 7-9:15 p.m. at Herman Sons Hall, 860 Western Avenue, Petaluma! I'll have a few dance surprises for you including a honky tonk version of Dobruzhanska Reka, a Rumanian bunny hop, and a Russian hand jive dance.

During the month of April, we'll continue learning Bicak, a wonderful Bulgarian dance introduced by Yves Moreau, as well as reviewing dances that the band will be playing at our April 13 dance party (including Tropanka, Paidushko, Kopanitsa, and Eleno Mome). I'll also teach Valle e Permetit and Bracno Oro, two lovely Albanian dances.

And don't miss our Annual Spring Folk Dance Party on Saturday, April 13, 8-11 p.m. The evening will feature dancing to old and new recorded favorites, plus live Balkan music by Greg Jenkins, Dena Bjornlie, Lisa Ekstrom, and Mark Jenkins.

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