Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coming up this month in Petaluma: three dances from Rumania:
  • Gary Anderson will teaching Arcanul Batrinesc, an "old men's" dance from Moldova to a wistful song recalling the days when these men could still dance the fast Arcanul, that was presented by Eric Bendix at the 2006 Stockton Folk Dance Camp
  • I'll be teaching Joc Batrinesc, another "old men's" dance from the village of Nicultiel near the Black Sea, as well Moldovian Hora which is a simple classic 3-part hora.
We'll continue to review and dance these three from Albania:
  • Gorarce, a fun and athletic men's dance in 3/4 rhythm that was introduced by Eric Bendix
  • Populli Jon, a lovely lyrical 3-part women's dance from southern Albania
  • Valle Jardana, a popular 2-part Albanian wedding dance in 2/4 rhythm
And three more from Macedonia:
  • Changulovo, one of my favorites that I learned from Michael Ginsberg at Balkan Camp
  • Dolgoto Oro, in QQSQS (16/18) rhythm originally taught by Pece Atanovski
  • Skudrinka, my latest favorite, a lively wild variation of Skudrinka that gets faster and faster

Good things come in threes! Hope to see you all on Monday nights in October (7-9:15 p.m. at Herman Sons Hall, 860 Western Avenue, Petaluma; drop-in fee $7 - beginners, newcomers, experienced dancers all welcome).

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