Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Looking Like the Balkan Rockettes

We've learned two new Balkan dances with interesting and different spatial patterns, and when everyone's steps are synchronized they look quite wonderful! 

Milisso is a dance from the region of Thrace in Northern Greece danced in a circle but with a 10-measure pattern that describes a flat figure eight.

Kamay Verdum Yere is a Greek dance that comes from the Greek population that lived in Cappadocia (now in Turkey) until they were forced to leave during the 1923 population exchange. The dance is done facing counter-clockwise with the left hand on the right shoulder, which the person behind clasps with his/her right hand, thus making the dancers very close together. In the first pattern, everyone moves forward and leans out to the right on the third count; in the second pattern, everyone moves backwards. 

I learned both of these dances from Joe Graziosi at Balkan Music and Dance Camp this past summer. You can check out great videos of both dances in the "dance videos" section of this blog.

Our fall session continues on Mondays 7-9:15 p.m. through the first week in December. Beginners, newcomers, experienced dancers, all ages, drop-ins always welcome. And note that we will be hosting our annual Holiday Folk Dance Party with live music by Santa Rosa Vecherinka on Monday, December 9.

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