Saturday, September 7, 2013

Monday night dancing in Petaluma returns on September 9! Classes are Mondays 7-9:15 p.m. from September 9 to December 9. Every evening starts with a beginner lesson at 7 p.m., followed by an intermediate lesson around 8 p.m., plus lots of time for requests and dancing to old/new favorites.

We'll learning some great new dances this fall including dances I learned at Balkan Folk Dance Camp, a few we danced this summer that folks have asked me to review, and some other dances I've just picked up at various dance venues: 

  • Selka, Cacak, and Nishki Cocek (Serbian dances from Vranje taught by Alex Markovic) 
  • Gaida Hor (a lovely Macedonian dance taught by Steve Kotansky)
  • Milisso, Vay Kalenin, and Kamay Vurdum Yere (Greek dances taught by Joe Graziosi)
  • Hora Veche, Alunelul de La Urzica, and Trei Pazeste Batrinesc (Rumania)
  • Ya Da Kalinushku Lomala (Russia)
  • Tervelska Raka (Bulgaria)
  • Shir al Etz, Zuz Mitzad Letzhad, and Achot K'tana Lanu (Israel).

Plus Gary Anderson will be teaching Triti Pati from Silven and Kapetain Vojvodo, two Bulgarian dances taught by Yves Moreau at this summer's Stock Dance Camp and Nadav Nur will be coming on October 14 to teach Valle e Rrajces, a great Albanian dance he learned from Steve Kotansky at Mendocino Folklore Camp.

Looking forward to a great fall season of dancing with you all.

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